Here’s a partial list of my upcoming gigs:

12/1/18 Corvallis: Countercurrent
12/2/18 No Snow Ball: The Offbeats (larks/ravens)
12/15/18 Portland: Jigsaw
12/16/19 Tacoma: The Waxwings
1/5/19 Port Angeles: Countercurrent
1/11/19-1/12/19 Phoenix Winter Frolic: Maivish
2/15/19-2/17/19 Fairbanks Winter Dance Weekend: Sassafras Stomp
3/7/19 Lake City Marathon
3/16/19 Tacoma: Joyride
4/5/19-4/7/19 Epicenter: The Mean Lids, Riptide, Sarah VanNorstrand
5/11/19 Victoria: TBA
6/1/19 Vancouver BC: The Sybaritic String Band
8/16/19 Emerald City: The Dam Beavers
9/22/19 Contrastock: TBA (larks/ravens)
10/11/19-10/13/19 Harvest Moon: TBA
11/8/19-11-10/19 Pittsburgh Fall Dance Weekend: Steve Zakon-Anderson, Buddy System, Polaris

In addition to contra, I call for school groups, community events, and retreats. I also teach both private and group couple dancing lessons (primarily waltz and east coast swing). Please contact me for booking details!

Past Gig Highlights:

11/9/18-11/11/18 Cascade Contras: George Marshall, Wild Asparagus, Buddy System
9/28/18-9/30/18 Wasatch Wiggle: The Offbeats with Christa Burch, Uncle Farmer
9/21/18-9/23/18 Chehalis Contra Dance Camp: Bev Bernbaum, The Dam Beavers, Peach Jam
9/14/18-9/16/18 Echo Summit Dance Camp: Lisa Greenleaf, The Latter Day Lizards, Toss the Possum
5/26/18 Northwest Folklife Festival, 9-10pm: Little Deer
4/13/18-4/15/18 Queer Contra Camp: Will Mentor, The Free Raisins, The NanoBots
11/10/17-11/12/17 Danceable Feast: Wild Asparagus
10/27/17-10/29/17 Fall Fool Fiesta: Jeremy Korr, Hotpoint Special, Nova
9/1/17-9/4/17 Northwest Passage: Free Raisins, Maivish, Seth Tepfer
7/15/17 Ferry Boat Dance: The Intoxicators
6/16/17-6/18/17 Faultline Frolic: Riptide
5/26/17-5/29/17 Meet Me in St. Louis: Mean Lids, Wild Rumpus
11/19/16 Twelve Hour Twirl: The Syncopaths
10/8/16 Portland Techno Contra: Buddy System
8/5/16-8/7/16 Camp DAMP: The Offbeats
5/30/16 Northwest Folklife: Uncle Farmer
4/8/16-4/10/16 Cascade Contras: Cis Hinkle, Notorious, The Nettles
2/21/16 Bellingham Techno: Buddy System
2/18/16 Lake City Techno: Buddy System
7/18/15 Ferry Boat Dance: Triple A
5/25/15 Northwest Folklife: Contra Quartet
3/8/15 Bellingham Techno: Buddy System
7/12/14 Ferry Boat Dance: Toad Mountain Ramblers
5/26/14 Northwest Folklife: Eva, Scotty, and Jeff
12/31/13 Portland New Year’s Eve: Wild Hair, Carr Family Band, William Watson
4/13/13 Cascade Contras flourish workshop
10/4/12 Lake City (half evening): My first paid gig!


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